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PicoWay® Tattoo Removal

PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment safely and effectively removes tattoos by delivering precise, high-powered laser energy in extremely short pulses.

How does PicoWay work?

Candela is a worldwide leader in laser skincare treatment, and PicoWay is an FDA-approved, noninvasive treatment option for tattoo removal. It delivers short pulses that shatter unwanted pigment into smaller particles and emit less heat onto the skin. PicoWay can be used to treat a wide variety of issues in addition to tattoo removal, such as dark spots, discoloration, brown birthmarks, or to simply rejuvenate your skin.

A typical PicoWay procedure is completed in less than 30 minutes in the safety and comfort of our Hurricane or Charleston, WV, office. Your physician will talk you through each step so that you are comfortable during treatment and will also educate you on ways to care for your skin after the treatment. Depending on the complexity of your targeted area or tattoo, it may take several treatments for this area to fade.

Benefits of PicoWay

Reducing the appearance of the signs of aging, tattoo removal, and rejuvenating the skin—what’s not to love? PicoWay is an advanced technology that the specialists at The Facial Center are proud to offer our patients. In addition to helping you achieve your dream complexion, PicoWay also has many other fantastic benefits:

If you’re tired of looking at a tattoo you no longer want, an age spot that you wish wasn’t there, or a pigmentation problem that you’re sick of looking at, look no further! Your team at The Facial Center is here to help. Simply contact our office to set up a consultation.