Meet Allison

She came here for facials and laser treatment and felt like she was glowing afterward.
Hi, my name is Allison. I'm from Charleston, and I had facials and laser treatment with Jacque at The Facial Center. My first experience was with a facial. I had never had one before, and Jacque just made it sound like the most wonderful thing and something that would be really great for my skin. Jacque is a great aesthetician here. She was very meticulous with what she did, and she's just so warm and welcoming. She treats you like family, and it's just a good atmosphere to be around when she's in the room. After my facial, I just felt like I was glowing. I was ready to take on the world. My skin was so fresh and rejuvenated. It felt really good, and it gave me a new confidence. I would say that my experience here was just wonderful. For my friends and family in Huntington and South Charleston, I would highly recommend The Facial Center.

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