Meet Ashley

Bodyshaping has really helped improve her confidence level.
Hi, my name is Ashley. I am from Buffalo, and I've had multiple procedures with Dr. Chapman. When you come into The Facial Center, you can expect really good service. The staff is very friendly, welcoming. Dr. Chapman has a passion for what he does. He actually cares about each individual person coming in to get their treatment done. The first experience that I had with Dr. Chapman was having my lips injected. I was looking for a little bit of poutiness in my lips, and he was able to fill my needs with that. Having bodyshaping with Dr. Chapman has really helped with my confidence level. BOTOX® is something else that I have experienced here. I love my results. My skin is more rejuvenated. I look younger and feel better. Being at The Facial Center and seeing Jacque is an experience in itself. She's very caring and compassionate to your needs. She will evaluate your skin to make sure that she is making it a personal experience for you. I love that their Eminence Skincare line is organic because I know that I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin, and that's something you can't find just anywhere. For my friends and family here in Buffalo and Teays Valley, I definitely recommend The Facial Center.

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