Meet Angie

After microdermabrasion, her skin was glowing.
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I decided to have microdermabrasion. It was quite amazing. I didn’t let anyone know that I was having it done, so afterwards, when I’d go back to work or home, everybody would be like, “Wow, your skin is glowing. What did you have done?” I’m like, “Oh, nothing.” Since I had that procedure done, I felt safe, and I felt like that being here, they knew exactly what they were doing, so I thought I would be brave and try something else. The new something else that I tried was BOTOX®. It makes me feel good, more confident, and a whole lot better about myself. The staff and surgeons here are wonderful. They’re very kind and considerate. I would totally recommend that my friends and family would come for any procedure that they possibly would be interested in.

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