Meet Natasha

Blepharoplasty helped her have a wider range of vision.
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I came here for my blephs — that’s the upper part of your eyes. That’s something very delicate that you don’t really want just anybody to work with, so I felt comfortable enough for our surgeons to work on that. I feel like my blephs — they were sort of sagging down toward my eyelashes and causing a little bit of vision issues, so once I had that done, they were not touching my eyelashes anymore, so I have a better range of vision. The procedure went really well; I hardly had any recovery. I actually went to Chili’s right afterward and ate. They took the stitches out a week later, and the recovery was great. I didn’t have any problems or complications from it. It improved my confidence, where I can put a little bit of eyeliner on my top lashes. I really like the results from it.

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