Meet Tina

She had sun-damaged skin before, but now her skin feels new, and the wrinkles are gone!
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Well, I actually went with a friend to have CO₂ laser surgery and BOTOX®. We don’t realize the sun damage that we do to ourselves when we’re young, and then as we get older, it does damage to our skin, and now it’s like new skin. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. The wrinkles are gone, and I like the fact that the sun damage is gone. I know that my skin is healthy, and I know that when I go back there, Dr. Brock is there for me and that the staff is just amazing. They care about you; it’s not like you’re a number. Why would you need to go there? Because it’s the only place to go where they take care of you from beginning to end, and they do follow up as well.

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