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Laser for Hyperpigmentation/
Pigmented Lesions

Has spending years in the sun taken a toll on your skin, causing brown and/or red spots on your face, neck, or arms? You can safely remove many skin imperfections and signs of aging with laser procedures for hyperpigmentation or pigmented lesions at The Facial Center. Depending on your skin’s condition and type, individual results and treatment times (as well as the total number of treatments) will vary.

How Laser for Hyperpigmentation/Lesions Works

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Utilizing the unique laser technology afforded by PicoWay® and elos™ treatments, The Facial Center offers laser for hyperpigmentation and pigmented lesions in both our Charleston, WV, and Hurricane, WV locations. elos™ combines light energies and bi-polar radio frequencies to precisely target and remove pigmented lesions, ranging from freckles to age spots, and vascular lesions, ranging from spider veins to rosacea. Most patients will require five elos™ treatment sessions for noticeable results, although this may vary.

Using ultra-short picosecond (think trillionths of a second) pulses to break down your pigment lesions into the smallest particles possible so that your body can naturally flush them out, PicoWay® has been proven to remove freckles, age spots, and more in just a matter of a few treatments for many patients. While most patients experience little to no discomfort using the PicoWay™ treatment, this may vary according to the specific nature, size, depth, and location of your pigmented lesions. The effectiveness of treatment will also vary according to those individual factors.

Is This Type of Cosmetic Laser Procedure Right for You?

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Laser for hyperpigmentation and pigmented lesions is safe and effective for patients of all ages and skin types. Some patients may experience temporary skin discolorations or reddening and minor discomfort around the treatment sites, but this typically goes away within a few days. You may wish to avoid scrubbing treated areas of the skin with abrasive skin cleansers for the first few days after your procedure. A topical antibiotic ointment may be recommended, but many patients choose to soothe the treated area using cold compresses.

To determine your eligibility for this type of cosmetic laser procedure at either our Charleston or Hurricane location, please contact us to schedule a consultation. When you come to The Facial Center, we’ll test your skin’s reaction to the laser prior to using it for treatment to determine its effectiveness.

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