Meet Jeannie

Her small lines and wrinkles were taken care of by laser resurfacing.
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I have large pores, and I had a little bit of discoloring of pigment on my face, and during the consult, Dr. Brock talked to me about doing laser resurfacing, and he thought I would be a good candidate for that. I had several small lines that were starting — laugh lines, crow’s feet here — and he said that the laser resurfacing would take care of that and the large pores. That was my big concern. The recovery was about a week, and full recovery time was six months for your face, and I was very happy. I do not see the large pores when I take pictures anymore, and when I smile, I don’t see the little lines that he said that were starting, and I’m very pleased with what Dr. Brock suggested for me. Not only Dr. Brock, but the staff as well, all make you feel at home and are very knowledgeable to answer your questions, and I’ve been pleased with all of the things that I have had done at the facility. I would definitely recommend for someone to call Dr. Brock or The Facial Center.

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