Face and Neck Liposuction

Liposuction is a common service that can treat sagging skin, a double chin, or an undefined jawline or neckline, resulting in a younger appearance.

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Why liposuction?

As we age, it’s not uncommon for fat to accumulate in the face and neck region. In addition, our skin can begin to sag, giving us an older appearance than we prefer. Liposuction can treat these conditions and help restore a younger appearance. It is most commonly used as treatment for

  • Sagging neck skin
  • Double chin
  • Undefined jawline or neckline

Procedure Process

The liposuction process is fairly simple, and it can often be performed with local anesthesia, which will numb the area receiving treatment. Your doctor will make several small incisions, which will allow him to insert a thin tube. This tube will suck out superfluous fat from the area. Once the fat has been removed, your doctor will remove any excess skin, if necessary. Then, he will stitch you up, apply a bandage, and fit you for a chin strap, which helps give you the support needed during recovery.

Face and Neck Liposuction at The Facial Center

If you’ve noticed your skin has begun sagging or are self-conscious about excess fat in the facial region, we encourage you to contact our office about face and neck liposuction. Our team can answer your questions and schedule a consultation appointment for you to ensure we understand your goals for treatment.