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Laser Hair Removal Provides Lasting Results

You no longer have to continue the daily struggle with razors and waxing to remove unwanted body hair. The Facial Center provides laser hair removal in both our Charleston, WV, and Hurricane, WV locations. Using the advanced GentleMax Pro® laser, we apply a gentle burst of laser energy directly to a targeted area of your skin to destroy unwanted hair follicles instantly with minimal to no discomfort.

Similar to the way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing, the pulses of light emitted from the laser are attracted to the pigment of your hair follicles. Also used to safely remove a variety of pigmented and vascular lesions, GentleMax Pro® is among today’s leading noninvasive aesthetic procedures for men and women of all ages and all skin tones. While the recommended treatment will vary from patient to patient depending on your specific needs, treatment times are usually quick and hassle-free with noticeable, lasting results!

Complete Laser Hair Removal Services in Charleston and Hurricane

Laser hair removal makes safe, effective hair removal possible from head to toe. Our complete laser hair removal services in our Charleston and Hurricane practices include:

  • Bikini (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Brazilian (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Chest (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Chin (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Full Arms (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Full Back (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Full Face (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Full Legs (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Half Arms (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Half Legs (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Lip and Chin (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Lips (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Neck (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Stomach (GentleMax Pro® laser)
  • Underarms (GentleMax Pro® laser)
hair removal

Packages Recommended for Best Results

If the thought of going under a laser leaves you feeling more than a bit anxious, you can rest assured that laser technology has been safely used for many years in various cosmetic procedures. If you’re interested in laser hair removal at either our Charleston or Hurricane location, packages are usually recommended for best results. We’re currently offering a “Buy 5, Get 1 Free” package special. Please contact The Facial Center for more information about our available packages or to schedule an appointment to see how laser hair removal would be beneficial for you.

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